Melissa Mary Jenkins I Modern Boho Abstract Artist

I had the great pleasure of spending time with and photographing the amazing Melissa Mary Jenkins. Based in Erin ON, Melissa is a super talented abstract artist who would describe her work and decor as having a modern boho vibe. Not only was I lucky enough to take photos in her gorgeous sun-drenched in-home studio, I also got to walk around her beautiful 100 acre property which features an old barn, a large pond (which her family is able to swim in!), and of course tons of greenery. Clear skies, fresh air and a sense of peace. I honestly spent the car ride home thinking about how I might possibly be able to move to the countryside. Oh and the darlings featured in some of the photos are her twin daughters. They are so sweet and so cool- wonder where they get that from ;) Melissa is also one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met. I was not only drawn towards her unique style but also her courageous yet gentle and loving spirit. I absolutely adore her work and can't wait to find the perfect spot for my new pieces! Take a peek at her Etsy shop for a piece of your very own!


melissa mary jenkins- branding-37.jpg
Olivia O'Young